Different types of assaults in Law Enforcement

When there are different types of assaults you have to understand that the government just couldn’t put them all in the same cagatory. That’s why from my first post about assaults you have one, two, three, four and even fifth degree assaults and those are just against persons. According to the Minnesota Attorneys Assoication pg 4, you can also have other crimes such as unborn child that can be first, second, third degree assaults. You can also have criminal sexual conduct in the first, second, third, fourth or even fifth degree assault (pg 4). All of the examples I just listed from the Minnesota Attorneys Assiocation are different types of assaults that had happened to people or that people actually commit these crimes and get punished for them. Plus you have different types of assaults with weapons such as arson in the first, second, third, fourth or fifth degree. (pg 9) The most common type of assault is sexual assault.

What is sexual assault? “Sexual assault is forcing someone into sexual activity”. According to the DNA resource center, Sexual assaults take form in many ways. Such as rape, attempted rape or even unwanted sexual conduct. This can happen to anyone doesn’t matter on the age, race or gender. Every rape happens between 6-7 minutes. Only 49.6% of rapes have been reported to law enforcement. Why do you think people don’t report rapes to law enforcement?

Their was this boy named Lee and he was 16 at the time. He had just moved into a new neighborhood and didn’t have a lot of friends. He started going to a church and doing youth group work as well. That’s when Lee meet this other fellow named Adam. Now according to NSPCC “Adam offered gifts and car rides to Lee”. Lee had thought that he made a friend and felt good about it until all the sudden that changed so quickly. Things did eventually start to get weird when Adam would ask Lee to come over to Adam and his mom’s house. Adam kept trying to rub his fingers over Lee’s and kept trying to move closer to him on the couch. Adam also kissed Lee on the face and then the lips. Lee also told Adam to stop, and told “Adam that he hasn’t gay and liked girls”. Lee felt very uncomfortable and felt like he couldn’t talk to anyone about the situation that he had been in and happening to him as well. Finally, Lee did eventually move away but, no punishment was taking place for Adam for what he did. https://www.nspcc.org.uk/what-we-do/childrens-stories-about-abuse/lees-story/

Tasha was another suriver of sexual assault. According to Rainn25 “she was assault on her college campus” https://www.rainn.org/survivor-stories/tashas-story After she got assaulted she did not report it because she heard about other sexual assaults on campus and they did nothing about it. Tasha felt like the college wasn’t helping her out by putting her into a safe environment. Her best friend and roommate at the time tried to get her to open up but, it didn’t work. Tasha kept saying the same thing that “she was angry and wanted to get back at the person that did this to me”.

In conclusion, the best way to support someone while going through this is to just listen. When you end up going through something like this, you are most likely to end up with PSTD, depression, anxiety, difficulty trusting others and lastly trying to put yourself back out there to date. There are support groups that you can go to talk or their is conuseling. Even after everything that you have been through you can still end up with enough courage to speak out and talk to others to help them get the help they need.

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Types of assault’s in law enforcement

In law enforcement their are a lot of different materials that we have to study for and try and memorize them for a big POST board test after we graduate. With that test we only have 3 try’s to pass the post board and if we don’t then we will have to come back to school and go through that process again. Nobody wants to go through that more than once. Going through school once is good enough for a lot of people. There are more than four types of assault’s that people choose to do. It’s the way their mind works and what they think is right compared to wrong.

First, we have crimes against persons. So we have first degree assault. In my statutes class we have a book about criminal code. “Minnesota county attorney’s association criminal code 2017”, “609.221 is assault in the first degree”. That ” has to do with great bodily harm”. Basically saying that if one person commits bodily harm to another person. This is so serious when someone is trying so hard to physically hurt you. First degree is the worst degree that you want. They can be sentenced to prison for no more than 20 years and can pay up to a fine of $30,000 or in both cases you can end up with doing both. What I mean by that is that you will pay the $30,000 of that fine and go to prison as well.

2nd, we have 2nd degree assault which has to do with a deadly weapon. “Minnesota county attorney’s association criminal code 2017”, 609.222 is when someone assaults another with a deadly weapon which this will also get you to prison not more than 7 years and a fine up too $14,000. when using this statue if you are a gang banger this is more of your thing. You like to hurt people badly with weapons. You either get caught or you don’t. 2nd degree assault can also interfer with people that are trying to help such as Police officers, teachers and emergency responder while trying to preform their duties.

3rd, we have 3rd degree assault which is inflicting serious and bodily harm like the rest of the assault’s so far. Now when it comes to the 3rd degree it changes just a little bit by adding more to it. “According to the Minnesota atrroney’s association criminal code 2017”, 609.223 has a “past pattern to child abuse”. That deal with anyone who inflicts assault to a minor can be sentenced to not more than 5 years and a fine of $10,000. Also a part of the 3rd degree you can also come up with a felony. The only way you are going to get that felony is if ” whoever assaults a victim under the age of 4 and causes bodily harm to the child’s eyes, head or neck or causes multiple bruises to the body”.

4th, the 4th degree assaults are inflicting pain above and beyond police officers or any other government related personnel. 4th degree is known as a class A misdemeanor. “609.2231 stats everything from police officers to firefighters, correctional employee’s, secure treatment facility members, school officials, public employee’s, Community crime prevention, reserve officers, postal service members to even transit operators”.

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Law enforcement skills/schooling, opportunities and the good and bad

When going into law enforcement you have to know a lot of information about a lot of different and certain topics such as juveniles, adults, different types of crimes, Assualts and many more. There are a lot of different opportunities out their, Just depends on what time of degree you have. Most police departments want you to have a two or four year degree and need at least 60 college credits. In order to apply at a department you need to be at least 21 years of age. When going to school to get your degree some people do law enforcement and some do criminal justice. What people don’t know is that criminal justice is combined with law enforcement. Now with a criminal justice degree, your jobs are going to be different then your law enforcement. For example some of those jobs will be probation officer, corrections officer, forensic science tech or even a practice detective. If your going for law enforcement most people/students want to be peace officers. There are other licensed job out their such as uniformed officers. Uniformed officers can respond to emergency calls and patrol the streets. Detention deputy’s are another which they work with juveniles. Now that you kind of have a good idea of how much schooling can be when in school for law enforcement, why do you want to be a cop and every job has good and bad sides. https://legalcareerpath.com/law-enforcement-careers/

Why do men or women want to become cops? I couldn’t tell you unless you were me. Becoming a cop is much more then just riding in a squad car and looking cool. One reason to becoming a cop would be to serve and protect your community. Two would be that police officers have a highest rates in injuries and illness of any other occupation. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Three you would be getting awesome health benefits. Four is that you have to maintain public order, you might have to testify in court and some days might be the same and others will not be. Five is this job will be very stressful depending on who you are. Some officers can have the best career of their live and still retire early only after 20-25 years of service. six and lastly, you always have the chance to save lives. This is what the badge means. https://www.thebalancecareers.com/five-reasons-to-be-a-police-officer-974863

Now of course their is always going to be downsides to every job that you have or work for. But, their is always going to be good and bad as well. The first thing that people have a hard time with are excuses. If this were me it would be that I would want to blame other people for my actions and my problems I have had through out the day. Two happens to be our attitudes. Us, police officers put our lives on the line everyday to save people but, when it comes to giving people a ticket or arresting there love one. People can take that the wrong way and start to cuss and swear and even yelling. Three is the hours. “When it comes to law enforcement is it a 24/7 operation”. Someone has to be patrolling the streets at all times. This is espically hard for anyone that has a family or is trying to start one. It can put strains on relationships, Us officers can be gone for days without seeing our families. Four is the pain. This is the biggest thing when being an officer is dealing with the physical and psychological pain. “Officers can see people hurting from violence and abuse”. They watch people become victims and see them lying dead somewhere. It is the same thing even for their love ones. Five would be loosing peers. “Being in law enforcement this is the highest fatality rate among any of profession”. Officers can PSTD ( post traumatic stress disorder). Most officers keep their feeling bottled up inside and they don’t want to talk to their love ones about it. Remember this doesn’t always work. https://www.thebalancecareers.com/the-10-worst-things-about-being-a-police-officer-974911

Popular/Crime Cases

Why do you think that people go into Law enforcement? Do you think it’s cause it’s fun espically for people that own guns and can shoot. That’s possible but, I think that’s not the main reason. People have to realize when going into law enforcement it’s not easy nor is it expected to be. Law enforcement is hard and stressful if you can’t handle it while going to school then this is not the career for you! It’s more than just carrying a gun, enforcing the laws, helping others and most importantly people’s safety.

The first big case I will be talking about is Aaron Henandez. He was a former NFL football player for the New England Patriots. He was arrested back in 2013 for murder. The person that he murder was Odin Lloyd which he was dating Henandez finance’s sister. Henandez himself was also linked to a double murder over in Boston. After his court appearance and trial, on April 19 2017 only after being in prison for five days he committed suicide. Now to my knowledge I read and saw letters in his prison cell but, I don’t really know if I really believe that. Maybe that would be a different story if I was the one that investigated in his case. The police that did investigated this case found drugs and knew that Henandez was heavily involved in drugs as well. To this day a lot, of people think that he committed suicide but, did he really? Others that are going into law enforcement would take a look at the evidence and go from there. Where do you stand? https://www.cnn.com/2014/03/09/us/aaron-hernandez-fast-facts/index.html

2nd case is about Casey Anthony. This happened back in 2008. When casey’s mother decided to call the cops on her daughter when she stole her mom’s car and some money. Casey’s mom then called the cops again about Casey’s two year old daughter that had been missing for more than one month. They later discovered that the two year old remains were found dead in December of 2008. A murder trial took place and began in June 2011. In my eye’s why did it take over 2-3 years before they put a murder trial in place? The public was very involved during this trial and they found Casey not guilty of murder for her two year old daughter. I find that a little odd. Just saying. Everyone is concerned innocent into proven guilty! First of all just cause your two year old disappears don’t accuse the mother of killing her own kid! https://www.aetv.com/real-crime/casey-anthony-life-now

3rd case is the slender man stabbing. In 2014 a 12 year old boy was found near a bike trail with 19 stab wounds. The 12 year old boy survived all of the attacks. Two girls attacked him and stabbed him 19 times because they were afraid of slender man. Now slender man is an old urban legend, that had gone viral online years ago. Both girls were arrested and charged with attempted homicide. Both of the girls were found not guilty only from a mental disease or defect and were sentenced to a psychiatric treatment facility. Why do you think two girls tried to stab a young boy? Do people honestly believe that the slender man does exists? Why do slender man tell two girls to attack another young person around there age? Were the girls really that frightened to death by this but, I don’t know if a mental disease or defect could put both those girls into a treatment facility. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-intersect/wp/2014/06/03/the-complete-terrifying-history-of-slender-man-the-internet-meme-that-compelled-two-12-year-olds-to-stab-their-friend/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.179d931afa93

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Do you ever feel like time just goes by really fast even though it doesn’t feel like it. Sometimes I know it goes by slow and other times it goes by fast. It’s never a dull moment when your hanging out with people that you connect well with. Such as your friends, family cousins and even strangers. I never knew that I have grown up so much in life that I totally forget that i’m actually doing really well compared to others. I never thought that going through some of my old scrap books that my mom made for me when I was younger growing up. Never take the time you have with people that you love for granted. Never know when they won’t come back. Technology has always been a big thing over the past decades and you can eirther be for technology or against it. I was never into technology until about the 7th grade. But, ever since then it’s always been a great way to capture the greatest moments of your life without a doubt! By going bad and looking into the scrap books that my mom built of me over the years is way different to todays world. I get to see from my moms eyes of what I was like and how much of a trouble maker I was. My pictures and the stories along with them aren’t working

Summary chapter 3 Notes

Overall I thought this was another good chapter with a lot of different idea that people were going over. It all started off again with more images and with taking those images come wit silly faces but, sometimes that makes it overwhelming. When I was reading two words popped out that I didn’t understand and the were ” aesthectis and Femininity”. “chapter 3 seeing ourselves through technology pg. 34.

Cummulative self presentation- weblog and social media consist of a continuously expanded collection of posts. Which may I remind you can be about anything you want it to be about. Cummulative logic is built into a software. Which then shows up in our readings and we happen to like them and share it. Arists have anticipated almost from every form of self expression that we use in social media. Our daily lives happen to be tweeted out their for the world to view and see. Even diaries or journals too.

Time Laspe selfies- This is where people take selfies over periods of years. It could start once they were young and go up through middle school years. But, this also means that you take pictures everyday. Now some people shared their experiences on you tube. Some got good views and others did not. Next, thing was all about gender and race and it had to do with an Asian women “chapter 3 seeing ourselves through technology pg. 37 “. Taking selfies is apart of history that goes farer back. But, a lot of this has to do with mood swings, feelings and emotions. Most people when taking selfies or pictures over the years from when you are a baby until about a teenagers use a baby book or scrap book.

Profile photo as visual identity- Not everyone takes selfies or pictures all the time of what they are doing or even if they are with someone else. When it comes to making an account off anything you want to get it more than likely wants you to pick a picture and hopefully its of your face. But, uploading the photo of you is your choice. Photo’s will not always show your face. When this happens most people feel pressured or not comfrontable about it. Because they don’t like the way you look. Am I right ladies? That’s when a lot of us women loose confidenience in ourselves. We present ourselves with a different version in each picture we take.

Automatic Portraits- This goes way back to when the first photo booths came out. Photo booth are like art. Can pick different faces, styles, color and so on. This can be used with anyone female or male and if that is pa friendship or relationship. It gets a good limpse of you and your face so it can tell who you are.

Reflection on chapter #2

I am going to start off by saying that I thought that chapter 2 was a lot like chapter 1 but, had some different sides to things. I like how it had a lot of terms and this author gave the defintions to them. I feel like everything today has to do with some sort of technology and social media. People my myself don’t see what we look like naturally. So we try and take better pictures of ourselves to see if we can look better. Sometimes by looking better that means adding a filter. For example it could be a different color, wording, or even silly faces such as a puppy. Even if taking better pictures of yourself, those that have the computers skills can photo crop on the picture. With that meaning, we can add things or remove things and overall make ourselves look better than ever. I think that people focus to much on judging each other on how they look, rather than something that is important. I believe people get the wrong impression when it comes to social media. What do I mean by that? People can post anything they want about their life on social media and people take that by saying they are attention getters. You shouldn’t judge someone or think their pathetic by what they post. Get to know pa person before doing any of that. When it also comes to social media their is a lot of negativity all around. When it comes to women vs. women we like to tear people apart rather than building each other up. My personally opinion of what I see when I look at something social media such as my friends. These are just a few of my reasons.

Notes “seeing technology #2” I have no idea what kind of notes though

Do you ever just dream about what kinds of social media are out there? Not just your typically one but, one that’s you never see anymore or ones that make you feel old?

Filters- ” it comes from visual culture”. But its also a process where something can be removed. For example that could be something like a picture off of Instagram or snapchat or even facebook. Filters get worn out after a while of you using them. There is always more to improve, change and adapt.

Oxford English dictionary (OED)

Technological cultural filters-” which allows us to express ourselves in ways but, others can’t”. By doing this people can photoshop , crop and use those programming skills to do that on other peoples pictures. Some cites such as twitter will only let you type 100-200 characters at a time. Social media isn’t for everyone.

Self realization- ” this is when you integrate marked logics from your life such as education, relationships and even parenting”. People want to know what is happening in your life. People want the juicy details.

Cultural filter- ” this is rules to help guide us”. We are not aware of things that we do not see. A lot of people will not notice new things in your life unless you constantly post or blog about your day.

Explicit goal- ” method to become more mindful of our daily experiences”. meaning your daily life. You have to be grateful and lucky to have what you have. Like for example and house, car, shoes, education, relationships, family, friends and so on.

Filters show us images that look different rather than the ones that the world see’s or are used to seeing. What does that mean?

Our own bodies are examples of constraints and affordance. Such as the way we use color and language. People always go after other people are their looks. That’s not how it should be. Skin tone bias- ” photographically of technology filter that distorts photographic representation of many people”.

Genres of filters- “mindset and free will or requirements and rule”. Which would you rather have? But when anyone is online they try and support each other as much as they can but, have to watch out because it can always be dangerous! This is where a lot of bullying can happen espically with girls vs. girls type of thing. Love and heartbreak, depression and anxiety and even negitivty all around that is what never stops in this world!!!!

Now can you see why we have a lot of different filters in this world and why everyone is different when they choose them. I know I do!