Overall I’ve wanted to say this from this very first day of class that I HATE ENGLISH. Just because I struggle with understanding and comprehending the language. But after taking this class again I feel a lot better with what I have accomplished then I have in previous English classes. I just want to take this time to thank all the student and our instructor Bonnie for the helpful advise to get me through this semester.

First, the areas I still think I need to improve in are sentence structure. So from my very first couple of posts I needed a lot of work. For example, “read like a writer
read like a writer was good but, I feel like the author didn’t use a lot of information based on himself”. “I don’t think it was necessary. I like the part where he said “that reading and writing are a series of choices” I believe it’s what you make of it”. I seem to like to use my texting format instead of actually English language. I think I also need to work on quoting and citing author pages and things as you could probably tell on some of the posts I did.

Next, I think I approved in all areas only because I am passing this class. I believe the more information you have the better the reader and listener are going to have a better understanding of what you are talking about, and most importantly goes alone with what your topic is. For example, Just take a look at my previous posts that I have done this semester and it will show up. For some reason I am having difficulties trying to publish these to my blog the last couple of days and its not letting me do what I want. I am sorry for any inconvenience. I know I still have a lot of work to do with English but, I will get there.

3. I feel more confident about myself and my abilities to write a paper that I know what I am talking about with specific information. I am able to read and pick of certain information that means a lot to me. When it comes to formatting I know I have a lot of work to do but, I will get there. I also feel more conifident knowing what I will accomplish with the help from teachers and students.

4. Proudest moment. I don’t have a proudest moment yet. It will probably be if I pass this class. I have to contuine to push myself and move forward. The proudest moment would be getting homework done on time along with taking four other classes and working as well.

5. Overall this class has been good to me along with other students and of course our instructor. By passing this class and being able to move on and take the next English. It’s becoming real that I will soon be done with school and have my wo degree’s that I have been waiting on for years. Anything that I learn I will be taking with me throughout the rest of my schooling and of course my future job as well. It’s been a blast but, onto the next!

Mental Health part 2 not Finished

Why do you thinking losing a friend to suicide could be a potential threat to our officers? If you haven’t notice but, today our society has changed so much since the late 1800s to now. The best way we can help our officers with mental health is to work on our stigma. Did you know that hundreds of officers die each year in the line of duty? First is need to figure out how to how to free stigma culture. I think a lot of people don’t realize how bad a mental health can get from anyone’s point of view. I don’t think people see the real problem with this because people view cops/officers differently. It’s either going to be good or bad depends on your opinion. Eventually everyone at some point in their career is emotionally going to break down from something personal. Officers must put the stigma between the lines of each other. Officers have to be welling to fight any battle that comes there way.

In conclusion, you have to realize what can go right and what can go wrong. You cant seem to fix everything that comes your way. Mental health is yet a serious problem in today’s society. Nobody knows really how bad it can get unless you have physically taken care of someone that has had a mental illness before and I can tell you from experience that is no fun. You never know when mental health is going to affect you emotionally or physically, what triggers officers to have mental health issues , and lastly what can mental health due to help officers.

Mental Health Part 2

I believe that mental health is always going to be a big deal in today’s world. Because everything about today’s world has to do with shootings or people shooting up some place. Mental health physically, emotionally and mentally will take a toll on you in some way. Some people can tell right away if a person has some sort of a mental illness and others can’t. Most of signs are depression by being hard on yourself, sometimes it’s the way they talk or even grooming is another way. Most people in today’s world they don’t want to see that on the streets but, will not do anything about it. Treatment is always another option but, it very difficult and expensive. Officers have a extremely hard time when dealing with mental health. How does mental health affect physical, what triggers officers to have mental health issues and lastly, what can mental health due to help officers.

First, how does mental health affect your physical health. Mental health has to do with your mind and body. Basically if you don’t keep up your physical health that can lead to conditions of poor mental health. And if you have bad poor mental health that’s going to lead to poor physical health. “Depression has been associated with increased in heart disease”. Schizophrenia ” you have double the risk of heart disease”. You also have three times more to die from respiratory disease. Now some of the lifestyle involve eating while so like dieting, no smoking and getting the right exercise you need. The long term affects to physical and mental health are, psoriasis which is a “condition by red flaky sores on the surface of the skin but, the effects go beyond the signs”. This is also “trigger by stress”.

Next, what triggers officers to have mental health issues. If you haven’t noticed by now but, law enforcement officer have one of the toughest job. We passed a law called “Law enforcement Mental Health And Wellness Act”. This is where law enforcement agencies come together and address the mental health challenges face by officers. “there are many mental health programs out their to protect our officers”. This program has had many successful results. Since law enforcement is such a dangerous and stressful and complex job, most officers don’t understand that they might have a mental illness after going through how many stressful interventions. The most “violent behavior that police officer do or make is attempting suicide or actually committing suicide”.

Third, what can mental health due to help officers. You have to think how many people in today’s world have lost a friend to suicide?

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Week 5 Mental Health

So their is this thing in the world called mental health. As demonstrated all around the world. There are many definitions of the word mental health. Some are considered medical and others not so much. Do you think that anyone in this world can have a mental illness? What do you think it means for law enforcement officers? Good or bad, or right and wrong? Did you know that 1 in 5 American’s have some type of mental illness. Mental health is a serious illness that people do not take serious. Most people ignore the fact and aren’t aware of the signs and syptoms. First I will discuss some illnesses that law enforcement officer have or have dealt with, next, will discuss what mental health is and lastly, what happens to officer when they have a mental illness.

First, let’s discuss some average types of mental health illnesses. For example that may include addiction, biopolar disorder, depression, eating disorders and more. The most heavily one of law enforcement officers are depression, post traumatic stress disorder. Ron Griffith was a New York police officer for 20 years. He went through things. Such as 9/11. “As a police officer nobody admits that they are weak and are afraid to be heard”. His department took on a rescue mission, for all for what to save who? This process took over eight months and yet they still didn’t find anyone alive. Most people don’t understand how stress related experience could trigger some sort of mental illness. Anything that is a big stressful event in your life can cause this. For Ron he lost his family due to the mental illness he had. “At least Ron could help himself by taking management classes for this illness”. Joe Peterson’s story was next. He was fighting alcoholism. “Due to this happening Joe’s wife and kids had left him and he was on the binge on suicide”. After all that he knew he needed to get some help. Such as a road to therapy by having his friends support him by being the key.

Next, what is mental health? Mental health has to deal with your emotions and well being. “This affects how we feel, think and act”. This also tells us how we handle stressful situations, how we relate to others and make the choices we make. This can start from the very age of childhood and grow into adulthood. When dealing with a mental issues most people’s behavior are affected by their attitude, mood and thinking. “mental health problem usually start from biological factors, life experiences and even family history”. Mental health is common but, treatment is available. Some of the early warning sign can include eating or sleeping too much or too little, pulling away from people, having low energy, smoking/drinking/drug more often, fighting with family and friends, mood swings that cause problems in a relationship and many more.

Finally, what makes officers have mental illness and how do they take care of themselves. “Mental illnesses in officers, only about 25% are involved in police shootings”. Experts are saying if your an officer and have mental health problem \s your best way is to save your life by completing a training course. So what may you ask is mental health training? “This is a CIT program of 40 hours to people to help aim and teach empathy. For examples some might include “at home training, listening to records of people with schizophrenina. There are only three top challenges that officers face which are post traumatic stress disorder, truma related disorder and substance disorders.

In conclusion, mental health is one of the toughest things to go through espically if you are alone. You really need to have a support system in play if you want to better yourself. Officers and military people will always struggle with this because they watch people kill themselves, shoot themselves, hang themselves and so much more. Watching your friends go through something like that and they can’t even help their friends is even worse. Let’s make sure we know the warning signs and help anyone you can to get better. So by discussing what illnesses law enforcement officers have dealt with, discussing what mental health is and lastly, what happens to officers when they have a mental illness.

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Different Ranks

So there are many different kinds of law enforcement ranks as you could tell from my previous posts, but I want to go farer into what people can do by finding their career path. When getting a promotion from work aren’t people suppose to be excited? Yes or no? I think yes. But when moving up on the scale, you have to be aware of how much responsibility your going to have and that power over others. Now some people can handle all of it and others can’t. But lets not worry about the negitives let’s focus on the positives. Now lets take a trip to where people can follow the chain of command when it comes to ranks, next how does it work for military and transferring over to law enforcement, and lastly is about how people get demoted in ranks.

First, starting with a police officer career. This is “initially a probationary officer who advances upon success from a probationary period”. For example so of those activities could include train detectives, take on legislative duties, be apart of a specialized team such as SWAT or even become a academy instructor. By having your “criminal justice degree this will help you in the long run with getting promotions”. Now a police detective. They deal with specialized areas. Which they are responsible for any of the following responding to crime scenes, preparing reports or even testifying in court. Some of the specialized areas could include ” narcotics, survelliance, gang related, homicide and more”. A sergeant career may include any of the following duties such as “review and approve reports”, train and supervise officers, handle radio calls and more. Lieutenant careers consist of “supervising a patrol officer”. They also make sure that their captain knows what going on, making sure they are informed of several issues and respond to the most serious crime. Captain careers. They oversee all functions of the patrol or detective officers, inspect facilities and tactics for training and safety, and more officer related work. A police deputy career is filled with learning just as much as the chief of police does. This is the 2nd highest rank you can have in a police department. This department also takes care of other departments as well. Lastly, chief of police. This is the “highest ranking you can get in a department”. As a general manager and CEO of the police department the officer is responsible for administrating, planning, and operations of the department. You will only get this if you have a college degree and have at least twelve years of experience in law enforcement.

Next, how does military service transfer over to law enforcement? When being an active veteran for many years, many people believe that law enforcement would be an easy and natural fit. For example, that could be from training, mental health and discipline. “Law enforcement will make you consider and adjust your practical training and mindset”. “military training does make you a strong candidate from transitioning from military service to law enforcement”. Law enforcement is a broad professional career but, you still have many opportunities for the state, federal and local levels. Leadership is very important in any position you take. You need to make the right decisions that are meant for you. You just be patient and willing to wait. You also have to have a clean background check in order for the process to move on.

Third, how do you think people get demoted from a position? Do you think it has anything to do with a personnel related situation? Do you think that it is something that they did while trying to get what they want? The story is about a two stared general from the army that got demoted because of an affair and a swinger lifestyle. “he was forced out of the military after 30 years of service”. The demotion will cost him more than $40,000 in his retirement pay. This is considered to be a bad thing because, it’s costing him more than what it should be. Basically, for someone that has been in the military for that long that shouldn’t have to pay $ 40,000 it should only be about $20,000. Next, is about a officer that got demoted then was reinstated and then retired. Now let’s find out what this was all about. Sgt, Kenneth Baker pulled over a uber driver for some traffic violations. When he came up to the window the uber driver pulled out his phone and started recording everything that was happening. Sgt, Baker then asked the uber driver to put down his phone but then, the officer started making threats “saying that he will go to jail if he does not follow orders”. Eventually, the video did get posted online and back to the department where the officer was working. They didn’t fire the officer they just demoted him down to corporal. Then not even a few weeks later he resigned. Nobody saw it coming. My own opinion to this story should’ve been that yes the uber driver has rights and it was his choice to pull his phone out and start recording. But, I am not sure why the officer started making threats.

In conclusion, I hope all of you have a better understanding of what happened when you move up in the law enforcement or military ranks. Just make sure that you understand the differences of what could happen and make the best of it. Don’t focus on the negitives but only the positives. I hope you guys have a better understanding of what different chain of commands you could have, how does it work when your in the military and your transferring over to law enforcement and lastly, how you can get demoted. You have to watch what you are doing at all times. I hope you guys enjoyed this reading and answering the questions along the way, just as much as I did.

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Law Enforcement Ranks

What do you think is a rank when it comes to law enforcement? Do you think it’s something special you get to work on, a special department or some kind of pay raise. Well if you guessed any of those you are completely WRONG. There are eight different types of ranks you can get while in your law enforcement career. You have to keep in mind that every state is different when it comes to laws/regulations and ranks. They are not all the same. I am trying to stick to the MInnesota ones to keep thing simple for you. First will be about the eight different types of ranks, next comes salaries and benefits, Lastly, is how do you move up in the ranks as a police officer.

First, is all about the eight ranks. Starting with one is a police technican. This is a entry level position, sworn to do personnel follow ups for certain assigned cases. “they also enforce parking laws, directing traffic when a crime scene is around and do lots of paperwork”. Two is a police officers, patrol officer or police detective. ” this is the most know”. They all respond to emergency and nonemergency calls. They get assign to certain areas. They get warrants for people, they can arrest suspects and testify in court. “They have to complete academy training for a education requirement”. Three is police corporal. They are the next step in hierarchy career. ” Act of supervisors and watch commanders in small agencies”. “This is the first supervisory role”. This takes a lot of leadership. Four is police sergeant. Their duties depend on the size of the agency. “Minneapolis police department is expected to interpret and apply ordinances to wide range of situations, supervise, train personnel, weigh in on disciplinary situations”. Five is police lietenant. This is more of your middle management role. ” take broad direction and turn into a plan of action”. They typically work with other agencies from other departments in the area. They also do civic meetings, schools and community efforts. This takes many years of experience of leadership, strong public relation skills. Six, police captain. They report to police chief. “They manage and direct activities of the department, train personnel, prepare/monitor programs budgets and enforce policies”. They also require a college degree and lead group under stressful situations. Seven, Deputy police chief. ” they are a huge part in designing programs”. Also keep a constant eye on compliance issues. They “stay up to date with laws/regulations”. They require a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice. Lastly, eight is chief of police. They are top of authority of a police department. “oversee all operations of all departments”. They develop procedures and most chiefs are elected officials. The military does have the same ranks as a regular police department.

Next, is about salaries and benefits for all the ranks. Police chief can make the minimum of $78,547 and the maximum of $99,698. Next the deputy chief can make a minimum of $68,797 and the maximum of $87,564. third is police captain, The minimum they can make is $65,408 and a maximum of $81,466. The lieutenant can make a minimum of $59,940 and a maximum of $72,454. Fourth, sergeant can make a minimum of $53,734 and a maximum of $63,564. Lastly, The corporal can make a minimum of $44,160 and a maximum of $55,183. Depending on what state you are in your salary may differ.

Lastly, is about how you move on up in the ranks as a police officer. Now many police department are different when it comes to ranks. Basically, once you become a sergeant that’s when you start to take on administrative duties. Most officers don’t get promotions right away because that’s how much experience you need. Most officers don’t get promotions until 15 plus years of service. Community policing has begun back up to it’s orginal feet. By going back to the basics. As you should know not all officers are bad. There are good officers out their that are trying to help the people that really need the help.

In conclusion, I overall hope that you understand the every department has their own rankings. Just like any other department would have. I hope you understand that it takes a lot of experience and hard work just to get a ranking and move up from whatever ranking you might be at. It doesn’t come easy. Lastly, just understand that not all officers are bad and are trying to get you. Honestly, they are just trying to help you!

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Blog tours

As I read the first article off my classmates blog, I started to wonder why they decided to go with something like that? Is that their favortie thing to do is watch sports? Don’t get me wrong their is nothing wrong with sports because I love sports to but, why did you choose basketball and to do a play off game. This article came from boogie I am. I overall thought that it was a good paragraph but hard to read with a dark background and then had black ink for the words. I thought you could’ve of expanded a little more on how Boston moved up to a 2-0. What I mean by that explain how they got their. It was kind of unclear because you stated that it was good games. Again ow did you know that both teams started off good, Just explain how? Do you have favortie players on one team or both of these teams. Just curious. You only did players from Boston didn’t do any stats from the other team and also no works citied page either. Overall good just need to explain and expand a little more, maybe add in a few pictures and colors and your set to go. This totally would be for someone that likes sports.

The next classmate that I did was about cultural weddings. To start off with that it was more of an information blog not so much personal. This article could be for anyone that is cultural but has things in their life that aren’t American. Every wedding is different and any wedding is suppose to be about the bride and groom? Right? It all depends on what kind of culture you plan to put into your happy day right? This blog could be for anyone that has any kind of different culture in their family and wants to share that with the world. To be honest I’m not sure who would read this. I did expect some did of pictures to show what you were talking about. Otherwise adding some color to your page as well. Overall I thought you had very good information about this topic and I enjoyed reading it.

Next, classmate was about a poem. You really have to understand the poem somewhat in your own way. You don’t have to be into a poem in order to post about one. You also have a try and understand in your own words what the author is talking about or why this poem meant so much to you? What made you get into poem’s in the first place? This blog would totally be for someone to who likes poems, is a author, a reader, any of them above. I wish their would been more of a different background for the poem instead of just white. Or just add some color in general.

Ride alongs part 2

When your on ride along you never know what’s going to happen. You never know what’s going to jump out at you! You have to be prepared for anything. Not everything is going to go your way to start. But it’s how you make it! Ride alongs can either be fun or they can be the worst time of your life. Depending on what type of officer you get. What do I mean by that you ask? You can eirther get officers that are happy to have you, ones that are just assholes to you or even one that are not happy that to have you their but, will ask you questions and will answer your questions. Law enforcement is never easy but, it’s all about helping others. first, what kinds of questions should you ask while on a ride along, Two do you have what it takes to be a police officer and lastly, what do officers expect from their riders.

First, most future peace officers usually go to school to get their degree and while going to school they do ride alongs to see what it’s actually like and get them prepared for their future job. First question you should ask is ” when you applied for your job is it what you envisioned it”. next, question did any of your friends and family react if so how good or bad was their reaction. Third question, ” if you had a chance to start all over would you”? Fourth, What certain activities or hobbies do you have outside of work? You have to realize that not all officers are the same and nor do they expect to be. This is the time where you can have one on one individual time with the officer.

Second, Do you have what it takes to be a police officer? These are some of the natural things officers must go through. one, is dealing with car crashes. When dealing with car crashes some may be minor and others not so much. Do you think you could handle going to a car crash and finding dead bodies at the scene? I don’t know if I could, because the smell is going to be the worst part but, also talking to the families after that is also hard because you cant get emotional. You have to put your feelings aside. Two, are the crime scenes. “Once you get called to a crime scene you could be their for hours”. “When you are working homicides most of them happen to be drug or gang related”. When it comes to TV shows or movies their is a big difference. Everything you see is not true. It may of happened back in the old days but, does not happen now! “crime scene management is a serious and most difficult job”. Next, you have drug overdoses. ” heroin overdoses are a huge problem”. Users are not careful about taking the drug. Another one is DUI’s and DWI’s. Depending on what state your in this may very. Could you handle someone being killed by a drunk driver? Ask yourself that. Another one would be breaking down the door. Surprising suspects or criminal at the doors is the most common way of getting them off guard. Many criminals and suspects do not know their own rights. And lastly is going to be tasers. “tasers are a amazing tool”. But sometimes officers use them for the wrong reasons.

Third, what do officers expect from their riders? “Most importantly is to pay attention”. Officers expect the riders to wear something comfortable not like sweatpants but like your normal clothes such as jeans and a polo. Some department do have an official dress code for ride alongs and that would professional business like. If something happens and your officer responds to a call your job is to stay behind and away from the officer and just view what he or she is doing. Some officers will actually handcuff you to see if you like that or could even get out of what? I one of my ride alongs that I had the officer physically put me in handcuffs. They were so tight I couldn’t even get out of them but, most importantly I did not like being handcuffed or sitting in the back seat of the squad car.

In conclusion, I now think you have a pretty good idea of what happens when your doing a ride along. Is this something you really want to pursue you better think long and hard and fast. I think this career is not for a lot of people because they can’t handle the pressure or the stress and they typically wait until the last minute to try and get into a different degree or program. I hope the next time you go on a ride along that you will think about asking certain questions, Figuring if you can handle doing police work and lastly, what other officers expect from you. Thank you!

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Police ride alongs

Do you ever feel like doing ride alongs will get you ready for becoming a cop? Once you put on that belt do you feel like your ready for the uniform? When doing a ride along their are a lot of rules and regulations that are put into play. It’s not just about getting in a car and your ready to roll. Your job as a officer in a squad car is to enforce the laws and keep people safe. But being a officer is more than just enforcing the laws, keeping people safe and fighting with crime. Their are many different kinds of evidence that you see with your own eyes which is plain sight. There is more to ride alongs than just what they squad car looks like, How can officers help with indivduals that need help and lastly, is about what suspects do or how they get hurt by officers.

First, Lets just take a little time to talk about the squad cars. Now ever department and state is different with what they decide to do with their own squad cars. Now most cars have that natural light bar on top of the car that’s bright and sound with blue, red and white colors. The inside of the car will look like your normal with a steering wheel, dash, blinkers, radio, mirrors and so on. The only new and exciting thing would be that cops put their laptops in the car right next to them. Now with going to the back of the car, What do you think separtes the officers from detainee’s? That would be your back glass. Anything you say can be heard both ways. Some officers have been spit at if they have it open. So most officers keep it closed. If you haven’t noticed yet but, most suspects, gang bangers and anyone that is in a holding cell they do not like cops. They call cops “pigs”.

Second, a lot of people these days forget how law enforcement officers have been interacting with indivduals. Not everyone makes it back into society after rehab. Sometimes it take more than two times, and then you have some people that just don’t learn from their mistakes at all. Now people that are sitting in jail cells over half of them have some sort of mental illness. So question, do you think people with mental illnesses should be put in jail? On a police report “presenting it on a call so that officers can determine if a individual is in crisis”. Ride alongs deal with a lot of technology that could interfer with anything such as a smartphone, computer or tablet.

When most suspects are sitting in the back seat of a cop car usually, they don’t want to sit still. Depending on your suspects and depending what they are doing, they will most likely try and do everything the can to get out of handcuffs, and then the car. For example that could be banging on the windows or the glass. You never know when the suspects are going to plan a escape. You have to be aware at all times. This one suspect that was in the car used his girlfriends earring to try and unlock the handcuffs. But he got caught with that. Sometimes cops crash and depending what the suspect doing in the back of the car can get flung out the back window. You never know what is going to happen until it happens to you!

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This guy was trying to escape and get out of handcuffs but, ended getting flung out the back window.

Ride along

What do you think a ride along means? Does it mean spending time with a certain individual that you know? Does it mean trying to find a career path that you might want in the future? A ride along can mean a lot of different things. For example it could be riding with an police officer, ambulance/EMT, truck driver, pilot and so much more. So what is a ride along? A ride along is an arrangement for a civilian to spend a shift in the passenger seat with an emergency vehicle. Basically observing what they do all day. Their is always a minimum age when doing ride alongs. What ride alongs consist of to me when I was younger was looking cool and in fast car, or the kinds of different uniforms you could wear. Things from when I was a kid to now are completely different. Ride alongs are something i want to see with my own eyes of how police officers react to certain situations with my own eyes and how they deal with it. Let’s get started!

First, What do police ride alongs consist of? people have to understand that most of any job is going to come with some paperwork. Well when you get into law enforcement paperwork is going to become your friend. When doing a ride along you must fill out paperwork, which just “encompasses a liability wavier”. Some police departments do allow minors to go on ride alongs but, only if their parents agree and sign the paperwork for that. Police report writing is a big deal when it comes to writing out crime reports. The next step would be to clear up any warrants. Many police officers are not fond of criminals. They don’t want criminals riding around with them either, When becoming a police officer you never know when the weather in Minnesota will change so you must be ready for anything. When riding in the squad cars you have to make sure you don’t touch anything espically if you don’t know what all the gear is. ” Now eating is always important espically on breaks”.

Crime on the streets is very important but, it’s more important for officers to interact with young kids. To keep them out of trouble. Their are programs that cops try to put together to help kids that are in trouble. In San Jose this police department put together a team kids program. That allowed “police officers to visit elementary schools to build positive relationships with the kids”. The primary goal of this program is to prevent crime prevention and youth safety. Against any gang related activity.

Do you ever feel like this career might be the one for you? So for me I have always thought that when I grow up I would become a cop and now my dream are coming true. It might be taking me some time to get their but, I am almost done and I cant wait to get started! Learning all the laws, equipment/gear, the schooling and even all the physical portion it’s going to be worth it! I have always wanted to help people rather that be adults or kids. I’m trying to do the best I can that I can help them and myself. It’s not always about wearing the badge or the colors. Its about helping the people that need help the most.

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